Date Press Releases
24 March 2009

WWF asks EU protection for key habitats in the North Sea

17 November 2008

Agreement on deep-sea protection in North-East Atlantic: too little too late

1 July 2008

European Court condones marine destruction - Ruling threatens Azorean marine wildlife

27 June 2008Historic move to protect Alps of the undersea
28 June 2007 Carbon Capture and Storage, a climate change solution?
4 May 2006 North Sea in need of intensive care, says WWF
25 April 2006 Facts about the North Sea Ministerial Meeting on Environmental Impacts of Shipping and Fisheries
27 June 2005 Irish Government takes major step to protect coral reefs
8 July 2004 European Court fails to save Azorean pristine environment from overfishing
4 May 2004 Azores takes EU to court over incompetent management of fish stocks
26 June 2003 Less conversation, more action needed to protect North-East Atlantic and Baltic
23 June 2003 The health of the North-East Atlantic and Baltic Sea in critical condition
13 June 2003 Poor protection for Europe's marine treasures
11 June 2003 Europe's fragile cold water corals receive protection in Norway
10 June 2003 Plan to trawl deep sea jewels must be rejected
7 May 2003 Facts about the OSPAR-HELCOM Ministerial Meeting
12 November 2002 WWF urges the EU to take action against seamount exploitation
21 March 2002 North Sea Ministers back fish reform
20 March 2002 WWF protest on North Sea waste
18 March 2002 WWF balance of death display for Ministers
13 March 2002 North Sea protection on Ministers agenda - Media Advisory for the 5th NSC
1 March 2002 Facts about the Fifth International Conference on the Protection of the North Sea
26 February 2002 Protect Europe's coral reefs from industrial fishing, says WWF
30 October 2001 Urgent Action needed against oil spills in the Wadden Sea, says WWF
27 November 2000 North-East Atlantic states fail to stop "gold-rush” on deep-water fish
20 November 2000 Environmental NGOs urge end to goldrush on deep-water fish in the North-East Atlantic
30 June 2000 WWF: Key Threats Remain for North-East Atlantic
30 June 2000 Joint NGO Response to the Quality Status Report 2000 on the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic (download as Word file)
30 June 2000 Background Briefing on Key Findings of the Quality Status Report 2000
23 June 2000 Background Briefing on OSPAR Commission and Convention
23 June 2000 OSPAR to stop the release of hazardous substances by 2020 - WWF Statement on World Radio Network (download as RealAudio-file)
23 June 2000 WWF criticises delays to tackle marine pollution as Governments gather
19 June 2000 OSPAR Commission Meeting, Copenhagen 2000, Media Advisory
14 December 1999 Latest oil spill emphasizes need for European coastline risk assessment
15 October 1999 Commission Slammed for Withholding Chemical Info
21 June 1999 Highly toxic Chemicals Found in Humber as Governments Gather in Hull for Marine Conference
21 June 1999 OSPAR North East Atlantic Annual Meeting Hull 99, Media Backgrounder
17 November 1998 WWF Calls for Designating Wadden Sea as a Particularly Sensitive Sea Area
23 July 1998 WWF Welcomes the Sintra Statement
20 July 1998 OSPAR North East Atlantic Ministerial Meeting, Media Backgrounder
20 July 1998 A WWF Journalists’ Briefing on Endocrine Disruptors Substances which Disrupt the Hormone System
20 July 1998 Background Briefing on Marine Protected Areas or MPAs
20 July 1998 WWF Position Statement for OSPAR
16 July 1998 15 European Ministers to Discuss the Future of the NE Atlantic at OSPAR
13 March 1997 Dissent and Confusion Surrounds Ministerial Talks
13 March 1997 Fishing for Survival, Media Backgrounder