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Credit: D. Perrine / Wildlife
Sperm whale diving off in front of Portugal's highest mountain Pico, Azores. Credit: © D. Perrine / Wildlife

"This will lead to the destruction of one of Europe’s best preserved deep sea areas. The next two years will be crucial for the survival of the biodiversity of the Azores deep seas. We will fight hard to ensure that Azores is spared from future decisions that threaten Europe’s marine heritage”, said Charlotte Mogensen, WWF Fisheries officer.

Seas At Risk and WWF will continue to support Azorean efforts to ensure sustainable management of fish stocks and protection of the marine environment in Azorean waters.

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Last updated: Thu, Sep 16, 2004

European Court Fails to Save Azores Deep Sea Wilderness

8 July 2004

The European Court of First Instance failed today to uphold a request from the Autonomous Region of the Azores (part of Portugal) to suspend a decision by the Council of European Fisheries Ministers that threatens one of the last European deep sea wildernesses and one of Europe’s few sustainably managed fisheries.