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Credit: MarEco, Mortensen et al 2007 Credit: MarEco, Mortensen et al 2007
deep sea life
on the
Mid-Atlantic Ridge

 Credits - deep water images:  MarEco, Mortensen et. al. 2007

Brest, France, June 2008 - 
 WWF applauds the commitment by OSPAR Contracting Parties to protect a critical part of the vulnerable, highly productive and largely unexplored waters of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR), the vast underwater mountain chain in the Atlantic Ocean. The unique and diverse ocean environment of the MAR makes it a haven for corals, sponges and other species living attached to rocky surfaces, as well as for whales, bony fish and sharks that feed or spawn by the shallower peaks, or use the canyons and depressions as refuge. “The globally significant step to protect the MAR demonstrates unprecedented international cooperation on high seas protection in the Atlantic.” said Stephan Lutter, International Marine Policy Officer, WWF-Germany. “The MAR will be the first ever High Seas Marine Protected Area in the Atlantic Ocean, and the second one to be established globally.” More

WWF Factsheet about the MAR/Charlie Gibbs Fracture Zone

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Executive summary of proposal

MarEco research on the MAR - fascinating deep sea features and wildlife