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*** EU throws lifeline to protect Scotland's coral reefs ***
Courtesy of DEEPSEAS Group, © Southampton Oceanography Centre

Cold water coral formation at the Darwin Mounds
Credit: © DEEPSEAS Group
Southampton Oceanography Centre
August 2003

WWF welcomes the announcement by the European Commission to introduce emergency fishing restrictions over the Darwin Mounds which will prevent further damage to these deep-water coral mounds for a period of six months.

WWF is also pleased that the EC has tabled a proposal for a permanent ban on the use of bottom trawling gear in the area. Similar measures have been implemented to protect deep-water corals in both Norway and Canada.

The most recent study of the Darwin Mounds area in 2000 clearly showed photographic evidence of smashed and fragmented corals and damage where linear channels have been cut into the reefs by fishing trawlers. Read the full press release.

Read the EC emergency regulation.
Read the draft permanent regulation.
Read the final Report from the EP Committee on Fisheries (January 2004)
Read the extended EC emergency regulation (February 2004)

Updated March 2004: Scotland's coral reef finally saved

The protection of Europe's coral reefs also was an important issue at the OSPAR-HELCOM Ministerial Meeting, Bremen, Germany, June 2003

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