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Credit: WWF-Canon/Erling Svensen

Formigas Islets: Sicklefin mobulas (Mobula tarapacana).
Credit: © F.Cardigos / ImagDOP

How to protect a place in the blue ocean?

Hamburg, Bremen, December 2004

There is no point in putting a fence around it. The designation and management of offshore marine protected areas (MPAs) is a challenge on our political agenda. We have examined examples of seamount MPAs from all over the blue planet and rolled out the necessary steps to establish and manage offshore MPAs in European and North-East Atlantic waters. A new toolbox for decision makers and stakeholders engaging in marine conservation:

The Offshore MPA Toolbox. Implementing Marine Protected Areas in the North-East Atlantic Offshore: Seamounts - A Case Study was produced in the context of the EC funded programme OceAnic Seamounts - an Integrated Study (OASIS).

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