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June 2008: Protecting deep sea life on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge

December 2007: Irish reefs safeguarded for the time being

March 2007: Increasing protection for vulnerable deep-water habitats in the NE Atlantic

May 2006: North Sea Ministerial Meeting on Shipping and Fisheries

March 2006: Protecting Spain's marine treasures - creating a network of marine protected areas (MPAs)

December 2005: Close the deep - warns WWF

June 2005: Where are all the marine protected areas?

January 2005: Why do we need a new marine law?

December 2004: How to protect a place in the blue ocean?

November 2004:
Urgent action needed to protect seamounts, cold-water corals, and other vulnerable deep-sea ecosystems

July 2004:
European Court fails to save Azorean deep sea wilderness

March 2004:
Russia puts oil interests ahead of maritime protection

February 2004:
Hope for Europe‘s coral reefs

December 2003:
Ministers fail to save fish stocks

December 2003:
Distress flares fired for deep sea species

November 2003: Norwegian paradise in danger as government secretly decides on oil drilling plans

November 2003: Prestige: one year on, a continuing disaster

November 2003: Make the Galicia Bank a Marine Protected Area

August 2003: EU throws lifeline to protect Scotland's coral reefs

June 2003: WWF at the OSPAR-HELCOM Ministerial Meeting

June 2003: Norway lauded for protecting cold water coral reefs

June 2003: Plans to trawl deep-sea jewels must be rejected

May 2003: Countdown to the North-East Atlantic and Baltic Ministerial Meeting

November 2002: Ships of shame or vessels of virtue - a matter of Prestige?

November 2002: Ignorance no excuse for unregulated exploitation of seamounts.

August 2002: WWF welcomes publication of key marine pollutant list.

June 2002: WWF honours Azores government initiative on designating the first deep-sea marine protected areas (MPAs).

June 2002: Natura 2000 in the Atlantic marine environment.

March 2002: WWF at the 5th North Sea Conference.

January 2002:
Save Europe's web of life - protect our cold water corals!

October 2001:
Save the Wadden Sea - stop shipping accidents now!

October 2001: Good news for the Darwin Mounds - WWF welcomes government initiative on unique British corals.

August 2001: High bycatch rates threaten harbour porpoise in the North Sea.

May 2001:
Protect the High Seas before it is too late, Governments urged.

December 2000:
Save the Wadden Sea – avert black tides!

September 2000: UK sea life on red alert.

June 2000:
Norway protects shallowest cold water coral reef.

February 2000: German Minister of Foreign Affairs meets harbour porpoise.