Ridge Life

Scientists were amazed about the diverse and abundant life they found. They were able to show that increased plankton and fish production at the front attracts a fascinating mix of migratory species, whales and seabirds are a regular sight. When the remains of that food trickles down to the deep it fuels diverse communities around seamounts, rocky walls and plains with soft sediment. Cold-water corals and deep-sea sponges thrive, colourful worms and weird looking fishes are regularly encountered with many species still to be described.
The shallower summits of the mountain peaks host seasonal aggregations of certain highly valued near-bottom fish species such as giant redfish, roundnose grenadier, alfonsino and orange roughy. The pelagic waters are highly important for the larvae of ridge fauna and deepwater and pelagic fishes. 99 species of pelagic fish have been identified to concentrate particularly over the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge north of the Charlie-Gibbs Fracture Zone.

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